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Experiential Opportunities

Learning at Clarkson means taking risks, trying new roles and shaping your own experience. Experiential learning is a strong part of Clarkson University's culture so each student participating in the One Year MBA is required to take a three credit hour experiential course. With the Clarkson Consulting Group project options, you can find ways to apply your skills and gain new insights into the management issues facing business leaders and organizations. Through international study, Clarkson also helps you explore the global management issues facing business leaders and organizations in all parts of the world.

Options include:

Clarkson Consulting Group

Global Business Programs 

"As in most graduate programs, coursework is a large percentage of the program, but what separates Clarkson from other programs is its integration of practical experience. I gained first-hand knowledge from working with and creating value for real clients in the Clarkson Consulting Group. Most importantly I learned how to approach complex problems from various angles in order to come up with creative solutions."
— Scott Marciano, MBA Alumni, IBM Global Services