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Accounting Track

If you are seeking licensure as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or are interested in the area of accounting, we are offering this track starting Fall 2009.  Effective August 1, 2009 applicants for licensing as a CPA in New York State will be required to have a bachelor's or higher degree and 150 semester hours in the following content areas, which include but are not limited to at least:

* 33 semester hours in accounting with courses in financial accounting theory and principles (including advanced financial accounting), managerial accounting, U.S. federal tax accounting, auditing and computer auditing:

* 36 semester hours in general business electives including business statistics, commercial law, computer science, economics, and finance, and;

* The curriculum must also include the study of business/accounting communications, ethics/professional responsibility and accounting research.

In addition to the Core Required Modules and an Experiential Course Requirement, students who are interested in this track will need to take the following courses in the spring semester:

Required (in addition to core modules and an experiential course):
AC648 Seminar in Accounting Information Systems and Auditing
AC650 Accounting Research and Theory

Two Electives of Your Choice

New Track this Fall 2009!