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Scholarships and Financial Aid


Clarkson University offers merit-based scholarships to reward a student's successes and abilities. Each year more than 85 percent of our accepted students receive some form of scholarship. There is no separate application to be considered for a merit-based scholarship.

These scholarships include:

 50% Tuition Waiver Scholarship  
 Leadership Council Scholarship $11,000
 Dean's Scholarship $7,500
 Faculty Scholarship $3,500

Students who complete the application process by December 30 (first round of evaluations) or by March 15 (second round of evaluations), will be considered for a 50 percent Tuition Waiver Scholarship based on the overall strength of their application. There are a limited number of these scholarships available.

Clarkson University's MBA program also offers an opportunity to work with our faculty and staff in the School of Business as a graduate assistant. Students can earn up to $3,000 during the academic year. Students who are accepted into our program are eligible to apply for a graduate assistant position.

Tuition for the One-Year MBA Program (August - May):  Full-time MBA students who have met the foundation business course requirements will register for a total of 35 credit hours for the academic year.  Tuition for the 2009-2010 academic year is $1,074 per credit hour for a total of $37,590.  Part-time students may request deferment of tuition payment until they are reimbursed by employers.

Tuition and Financial Aid for the summer Business Concepts Program (to be held during May 18 - July 30: week of June 29 - July 3 there will not be any modules):  Each course is 1.5 credit hours and tuition for courses will be waived by 50%.  The total tuition is based on the number of credits taken during the program. Students must be enrolled at least half-time (4.5 hours a term for graduate students) to apply for federal student loans.  Any amount borrowed for summer will reduce the amount of eligibility in these programs for the remainder of the academic year.  Students less than half-time may research alternative loan options.

Other Financial Assistance and Important Forms: The Office of Graduate Business Programs and Clarkson University's Student Administrative Services Office are available to help you through the financial process.  The following links will assist you as you explore the options that are available to you.  If you have any other questions about loan programs, please contact the Student Loan Manager, Student Administrative Services Office, at 1-315-268-3904. 

Other Useful Web Sites for Domestic and International Students:

New this Fall 2009!

The MBA Supply Chain Management Track Scholarship Program has been established through generous funding by Crane Company and their foundation The Crane Fund for Widows and Children for enrolled domestic or international MBA students.  There will be two $5,000 and two $6,250 need-based scholarships awarded to four eligible students entering our program starting this fall.