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Tuition and Financial Aid

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First Year*:

Eight MBA Core Courses 


Leadership Development I (1.5 credits)     

                   (meals & simulation fee) *Subject to change    



Total Tuition for Year One $36,045

Second Year*:

One MBA Core Course 


Leadership Development II (1.5 credits)                             


Four Electives


Total Tuition for Year Two


*costs subject to change based upon institutional tuition rates

Students may take fewer courses if schedules do not permit 25.5 credits during year one, and 16.5 credits during year two.  To be eligible for student loans however, students must be registered for at least 4.5 credits per academic term.  Any deviation from the schedule may result in a loss of student loan eligibility.

The resident requirement of the online MBA program features a comprehensive pricing structure which includes meals on-campus only. 

Some participants receive corporate sponsorship or tuition reimbursement benefits through their employer. You may also apply for low interest loans for any expenses not covered by employers (see above statement).

Financial Assistance and Important Forms: The Office of Graduate Business Programs and Clarkson University's Student Administrative Services Office are available to help you through the financial process.  The following links will assist you as you explore the options that are available to you.  If you have any other questions about loan programs, please contact the Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Student Administrative Services Office, at 1-315-268-3904. 

Other Useful Web Sites for Domestic and International Students: