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Global Supply Chain Management Certificate

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Global supply chains are networks of facilities around the world that procure raw materials, transform them into intermediate and final products, and subsequently market and deliver the products to customers worldwide through distribution systems.

Advances in information technology are accelerating productivity by providing a multitude of new, lower-cost options for integrating supply chains.

To survive in today's competitive global marketplace, it is critical that businesses integrate their supply chains effectively to meet rising customer expectations and declining product life cycles at a reasonable cost.

Clarkson recognizes that we live in a world dominated by companies that collaborate and compete in a complex dance - all designed to get products and services delivered to customers around the world at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price.  Our Global Supply Chain Management programs will help you succeed in a globally connected marketplace and maintain networks of suppliers and customers that are fast, flexible, and responsive.

 Clarkson's programs provide you with fundamental knowledge and foundations for managing the supply chain from a systems perspective - that is as an interrelated system that manages products, processes, information, and financial resources both within and across organizations.

This certificate, developed with industry input, takes a comprehensive and systems view to integrating business functions by utilizing a multidisciplinary faculty from Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Human Resources and Finance.

Global Supply Chain Management


Required (in addition to core modules and an experiential course):

SB 641- Advanced Topics in Supply Chain Management: Simulation & Analysis

Choose two out of following four: 

MK694 - Supply Chain Distribution Management

OM685 - Quality Management & Process Control

OM671 - Supply Chain Environmental Management

EC651 - Industrial Organization in the Supply Chain

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Our distinguished faculty, many of whom bring executive industry experience, is drawn from Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Finance and Economics, and Strategic Management.

We offer an annual Global Supply Chain Management Executive Seminar for mid- and upper-level managers in August on our campus. Learn more about our upcoming August 2014 program.  We also provide custom programs for large and small organizations.

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