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Clarkson's Business Graduate Programs

Did you know that one in five Clarkson alumni is a CEO or senior executive of a company? This is no coincidence, because at Clarkson, we educate leaders.

Here’s how you can be one in five:

You’ll have a unique experience. The School of Business graduate programs are designed to give students a dynamic experience based on team-oriented courses and hands-on, real-world opportunities. What we teach is built in consultation with major international employers and delivered by talented, well-trained faculty who are experts in their respective fields. Small class sizes also make you more than just a number, so you’ll develop relationships with both your classmates and professors.

You’ll receive an interdisciplinary education. Our MBAs take an integrated set of core modules and are taught using cross-disciplinary, problem-solving tools.  We prepare you to succeed in today’s intensely competitive yet exciting business world.  You will be able to take what you learn in and outside the classroom to lead people and technology in an increasingly global marketplace.

You’ll think globally. We understand that you can’t be an effective manager today without a truly international mindset. All full-time MBAs travel abroad with a faculty-led student group to investigate first-hand how business is conducted across the globe.

You’ll get your hands dirty. Since its founding, Clarkson has held a commitment to hands-on learning. Whether it’s working in teams on class projects or working with clients in the real world, as an MBA student, you will gain valuable experience to use in the future. You will also have the option to participate in the Clarkson Consulting Group and partner with local entrepreneurs on solving complex business issues.

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Master Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration (Global One-Year MBA)

Master of Business Administration (One-Year MBA) 

Online MBA (Two-Year | Part-Time MBA) 

Master of Engineering/Master of Business Administration (ME | MBA Dual Degree) 

Executive Seminars

Supply Chain Management Seminar

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