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Santosh Mahapatra

In this Section
Associate Professor
Operations and Information Systems

311 Bertrand H. Snell Hall
Clarkson University
PO Box 5790
Potsdam, NY 13699-5790

Phone: 315-268-3980
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Michigan State University

Research/Teaching Interests
Current research and teaching interests include Sourcing Strategy and E-Procurement; Capabilities, Practices and Performance Relationship; Manufacturing and Supply Chain Flexibility; Advanced Manufacturing Practices and Environment Management; Re-manufacturing and Reverse Logistics; and Utility Theory and Multi-Criteria Decision Models.

Courses Taught
    * EM/OM 351 Quality Management and Lean Enterprise
    * SB 361/OM 671 Supply Chain Environmental Management

Recent Publications:

Mahapatra, S., Das, A., Narasimhan, R. (2012) “A Contingent Theory of Supplier Management Initiatives: Effects of Competitive Intensity and Product Life Cycle”, Journal of Operations Management, 30(5), pp 406-422

Mahapatra, S., Yu, D., Mahmoodi, F. (2012) “Impact of the Pull and Push-Pull Policies on the Performance of a Multi-Stage Supply Chain”, International Journal of Production Research, 50(16), pp 4699–4717.

Mahapatra, S., Pal, R., Narasimhan, R. (2012) “Hybrid (Re)manufacturing: Manufacturing and Operational implications”. International Journal of Production Research, 50(14), pp 3786–3808.

Mahapatra, S., Narasimhan, R., Barbieri, P. (2010) “Strategic Interdependence, Governance Effectiveness and Supplier Performance: A Case Study Investigation and Theory Development”. Journal of Operations Management, 28(6), pp 537-552.

Narasimhan, R., Talluri, S., Mahapatra, S. (2008) “Effective Response to RFQs and Supplier Development: A Supplier’s Perspective.” International Journal of Production Economics, 115(2), pp 461-470.

Narasimhan, R., Mahapatra, S., Arlbjørn, J. S. (2008) “Impact of relational norms, supplier development and trust on supplier performance.” Operations Management Research, 1(1), pp 24-30.

Mahapatra, S., Melnyk, S. A., & Calantone, R. J. (2007) “Understanding Environment Management Systems Performance: An Expanded Empirical Study.” International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, 2(2), pp 263-286.

Narasimhan, R., Talluri, S., Mahapatra, S. (2006) “Multi-Product, Multi-Criteria Model for Supplier Selection with Product Life Cycle Considerations.” Decision Sciences Journal, 37(4), pp 577-603.

Narasimhan, R., Mahapatra, S. (2004) “Decision Models in Supply Chain Management.” Industrial Marketing Management, Special Issue on Global Supply Chain Management, 33(1), pp 21-27.