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Protein Chemistry/Biotechnology

  • BioRad mini gel boxes for SDS PAGE and Western blotting
  • Liquid Scintillation Counter for quantification of radioactive label in biological compounds 
  • Hoeffer and BioRad Vertical Gel Apparatus for separation of protein by size and charge 
  • BioRad Chromatography Unit for separation of macromolecules by size, shape, charge and affinity 
  • Savant SpeedVac for concentration and purification of dilute protein samples
  • BioRad Gel Dryer for stabilization of agarose and PAGE gels for autoradiography and storage 
  • Pharmacia PhastSystem for rapid separation of protein samples 
  • Cecil CE3021 spectrophotometer and BioRad smartspec 3000 for protein determination 
  • Multiple high pressure liquid chromatography systems for protein purification 
  • Bilayer system for studying kinetics of drug and ion channel interactions 
  • Spectrofluorimeter for detection of fluorescent molecules and quantification of protein-protein interaction 
  • Silicon Graphics Fuel workstation with Insight II software for modeling biological molecules in three dimensions


"My Clarkson background, particularly the required senior research project, fostered my interest in research and resulted in my transition to graduate work. The close personal interaction with Clarkson faculty left a lasting impression."

— Peter Takes '79, Ph.D., RAC, is Senior Director of Clinical and Healthcare Compliance and Clinical Compliance Officer at Stereotaxis, Inc. which manufactures devices for minimally invasive cardiological and neurological surgery.