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Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering Equipment & Facilities

  • Digital gel photography systems for recording and analysis of results of gel electrophoresis
  • Thermocyclers for amplification of DNA using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) 
  • Horizontal gel boxes and power packs for separation of DNA and RNA molecules 
  • Turbo-blotter for rapid preparation of Southern blots for DNA analysis 
  • U.V. Cross linker for attaching DNA to nylon filters 
  • SequiGene Vertical Gel Apparatus for sequencing DNA 
  • Gene Pulser Electroporator for rapid transformation of genetically engineered bacteria 
  • Bellco hybridization ovens for incubation of Southern blots with nucleotide probes 
  • X-ray film processor for detection of autoradiographic and chemiluminescent signals 
  • Luminometer for analysis of transient transfection with luciferase reporter genes 
  • BioRad Smartspec spectrophotometers for measurement of DNA and RNA concentrations 
  • Beckman centrifuges for fractionation of macromolecules