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General Facilities

General Facilities

  • Freezers at -20 and -70 degrees for maintenance of tissue, protein and DNA samples
  • Incubators at 4, 15, 37, 45, 60 degrees – maintenance and growth of bacterial, cell, and tissue cultures
  • Two autoclaves to support cell biology and microbiology labs that require sterile supplies
  • MilliQ Water System for preparation of ultra-pure water for cell culture and other technical applications
  • Fume hoods for working with hazardous chemicals
  • Liquid nitrogen freezers for long term cryopreservation of cell cultures
  • Networked PCs for hands on problem solving in molecular biology and ecology teaching laboratories


"My Clarkson background, particularly the required senior research project, fostered my interest in research and resulted in my transition to graduate work. The close personal interaction with Clarkson faculty left a lasting impression."

— Peter Takes '79, Ph.D., RAC, is Senior Director of Clinical and Healthcare Compliance and Clinical Compliance Officer at Stereotaxis, Inc. which manufactures devices for minimally invasive cardiological and neurological surgery.