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Cell Biology Equipment & Facilities

Multiple inverted photomicroscopes and fluorescent microscopes for high-power observation of cell and tissue cultures

  • CO2 incubators for maintenance of cell and tissue cultures
  • Shaking incubators for bacterial cell cultures 
  • Laminar flow hoods for manipulation and transfer of cell cultures in a sterile environment 
  • Biosafety hoods for manipulation of human tissues and pathogens 
  • Stereo Microscopes for observation of biological samples and microdissection 
  • Cryomed Freezers for cryopreservation of cells in liquid nitrogen 
  • Probe sonicator for lysing cells and extracting macromolecules  
  • Kodak photography system and software for digital capture of images and analysis of colony size and area


"My Clarkson background, particularly the required senior research project, fostered my interest in research and resulted in my transition to graduate work. The close personal interaction with Clarkson faculty left a lasting impression."

— Peter Takes '79, Ph.D., RAC, is Senior Director of Clinical and Healthcare Compliance and Clinical Compliance Officer at Stereotaxis, Inc. which manufactures devices for minimally invasive cardiological and neurological surgery.