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Biology Seminars Keep Undergraduates Informed About Scientific Discoveries, Graduate Education and Career Options

Biology majors are encouraged to attend and participate in departmental research seminars. Speakers are recruited from leading medical schools and graduate programs. Students learn about recent advances in medical and biomolecular research. They also learn about opportunities for summer and graduate research at the speaker's institute. Students can receive credit for attending seminars by enrolling in BY300 Current Topics in Biological Research.  Seminars are held on Fridays, in SN212  at 2:00 p.m.

Fall 2015

DATE  SPEAKER                           TITLE                                                        
Aug. 28 Ken Wallace Introduction
Sept. 4

Anju Singh, Trudeau Institute

Redefining the driving force behind tularemia pathogenesis.

Sept. 11

Craig Woodworth

Sept. 18 Margaret Voss, Syracuse Univeristy Alteration of avian foraging behavior due to anthropogenic light pollution.
Oct.    2 Tom Langen Discussion

Oct.    9

Lisa Jeffers, Regeneron, Albany

Science to medicine:  A Discussion of Biopharmaceutical Drug Development from concept through Approval.

Oct. 16 Tom Lufkin


Oct. 23 Jan Scrimgeour, Clarkson University

 Advanced microscopy techniques for the study of dynamics in living systems.

Oct. 30 Ken Wallace


Nov.  6 Andrew David, Clarkson University

 The fate of global marine populations in a changing world:  insights from a complex coastal biome.

Nov. 13 Michael Twiss


Nov. 20 Gertraud Burger, University of Montreal

 Gene camouflage by fragmentation, RNA editing and accelerated evolution.

Dec.  4 Cintia Hongay


Laura Smith

"Research was one of my most valuable experiences at Clarkson, I learned more in the lab about school and life then I ever did in the classroom. I made connections and friends that I maintain to this day. Plus, I was able to contribute to the scientific community and I had some of my research published."
— Laura Smith '03, '04 earned her B.S. and M.S. at Clarkson. She is currently a medical student at Saint Georges University.


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