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The Pre-Teaching Concentration at Clarkson

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Clarkson offers students a nationally recognized Master of Arts in Teaching program

Students pursuing the pre-teaching track, or those interested in a pre-teaching minor, would complete the following course of study:

  • Foreign language elective (3 credits)
  • PY 246 Educational Psychology (3 credits)
  • COMM 217 Introduction to Public Speaking (3 credits)
  • STEM 330/STEM 530 Analyzing Science and Mathematical Theories from Philosophical and Historical Perspectives (for STEM majors)(3 credits)+
    HST 388/ HST 588 East Asia Studies (for History majors)(3 credits)+
    MA 453/MA553 Introduction to Mathematical Teaching (for Math majors)(3 credits)
  • ED 360/ED560 Modern Teacher (3 Credits)+
  • Educational Field Experience (1 credits)
  • Independent Study: Student would observe 25 hours in secondary classrooms and complete a paper

Total: 16 credits

*With this plan, prospective MAT candidates would meet program requirements, as well as receive 6 credits that would count toward their MAT coursework (they would not need to take STEM 530/HST 588 or ED 560 during their graduate coursework). In addition, if they meet the undergraduate GPA requirement of a 3.2 or above, the cost of two additional courses are waived. Thus, they are only paying for 26 of the 38 credits.

+These courses would be offered through the CRC, and students would take online or distance.

Why have a Pre-Teaching concentration?

The Clarkson Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, like all master’s level teacher education programs in New York require specific pre-requisites and high standards from their applicants. Receiving the right guidance as an undergraduate will ensure you meet those standards and pre-requisites, increasing your chances of success.

What are the pre-requisites?

Students interested in applying for the Clarkson Master of Arts in Teaching program (offered at the Capital Region Campus in Schenectady, New York) need to meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 24 credits in a major field (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, history). Students who complete a more comprehensive plan of study with 30 or more credits are considered more competitive applicants.
  • A course in Education Psychology, PY 246. This course is offered by the Department of Psychology every spring.
  • A semester of foreign language study. This requirement may be filled by taking a language class at Clarkson, on a consortium campus, or at any other accredited college. The requirement may also be filled by transferring in AP language credit from a high school course (score of 3 or higher).
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Four days of observatioin in a middle and high school. Clarkson's Department of Education, along with your pre-teaching advisor can help you make arrangements for these observations.

Why attend Clarkson’s Master of Arts in Teaching program?

The Clarkson Master of Arts in Teaching program is a nationally recognized program of excellence.

  • If you are an undergraduate student with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, you automatically qualify for a two course scholarship. Other scholarship resources may also be applied.
  • The program has a 95% job placement rate for its graduates.
  • A unique feature of the Clarkson MAT is a full year teaching internship. The internship puts you in the setting where you will learn, through a mentored experience, how to be an effective classroom teacher. To learn more about the full year internship, go to our website for a video:
  • The program is flexible and can be completed in one calendar year (starting with Summer Term II) or in two years, starting with fall semester. MAT graduates consistently score 20 percentage points higher than their counterparts on required New York State Teacher Certification Exams, a fact recognized by the schools who hire our graduates.
  • You can take up to two courses your senior year that will double count across both degrees (not including PY 246).
  • You will receive advising throughout your undergraduate years to ensure you are working toward all the requirements for degree acceptance.
  • The Clarkson MAT program has a dedicated career consultant who works with every student to ensure success in the job market. To listen to Clarkson MAT alumni talk about the profession and job market, watch this video: 

What can I teach with a Clarkson Master of Arts in Teaching degree?

Clarkson’s MAT provides pathways to teaching in middle and high school in the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, technology, and history. We also offer programs in teaching secondary English, earth science, Chinese, as well as five other languages.

Should I pursue the Pre-Teaching concentration or the Education Minor?

That is up to you. Many students find that when they pursue the pre-teaching concentration they are only a course or two away from the Education Minor. Talk to your pre-teaching advisor to decide what fits into your educational plans best. The Education Minor will be available to students starting in 2017-2018.

When should I sign up for the Pre-Teaching concentration?

You can sign up for the pre-teaching concentration at any time during your undergraduate years at Clarkson. However, the sooner you meet with an advisor, the more likely you will be able to successfully meet the pre-requisites for the Master of Arts in Teaching program.

How long does it take to complete the MAT?

Students can pursue the Clarkson MAT on a one or two year timeline. Students who pursue the degree in one year start in Summer Term II (June) and graduate the following May. Students who pursue the MAT over two years can start during the fall or spring term of their first year, and continue into a full second year. Two year students graduate in May of their second year.

I am interested in teaching in the North Country, can I do that?

Yes. Our career consultant will help students narrow their job search to North Country schools if desired. In fact, two year students can also complete their full year internship in a North Country school if desired. The Department of Education will arrange that internship placement on behalf of the student.

I am interested in the Pre-Teaching program, who should I contact?

You can reach out to the program coordinator to make an appointment with a member of the education faculty. The Coordinator is Katherine Kavanagh,