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Clarkson University • Columbia University • Cornell University • Drexel University • MIT • Purdue University • U Conn • Michigan • SUNY Buffalo • Syracuse University
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Anaren Microwave Inc.
Barton & Loguidice
Bristol Myers Squibb
Department of Defense
General Electric Company
Lockheed Martin
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

About ISE

Professor, Susan Powers working with a student in the aerobic greenhouse

The Institute for a Sustainable Environment sparks depth of thinking within our students as to how we can better our world and the world for future generations. With students and faculty like ours, we can keep our natural environment a beautiful place to live.

Our faculty and students work on a variety of campus, community and international sustainability projects and have received national accolades for projects ranging from electric snowmobiles to a high-tech campus greenhouse. Our commitment to sustainability has been shown through on-campus projects such as the anaerobic digester and the Ozzi Box container program.

Chuan Tang
When I was in China ... I had not heard of Clarkson until I searched online and realized what important faculty members are connected to the ISE (Institute for a Sustainable Environment). For instance, Prof. Philip Hopke — even my advisor knew of him. So Clarkson University became one of my goals to pursue. Now I'm sure that I made the right choice.

Chuan Tang '15, MS Environmental Science & Engineering, '17, PhD Environmental Science & Engineering

Why the ROI?
The New York Lab
From Adirondacks to international rivers to global urban centers
Community Engagement
Workshops, seminars & micro grants program
Defy Convention
Find ways to go beyond the status quo & find better healthy world solutions
High-Impact Learning
Systems perspective with hands-on approaches to skill building
Open-Ended Industry Problems
Global partners ignite experiential learning by sharing real-world issues that need solutions
Transformative Sustainable Solutions
Collaboration across disciplines asks right questions to create solutions

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